TimeMachine completed a verification of your backups. Must create new Backup

Well who do I go to for support? Drobo or Apple? I’ve had my Drobo FS for just over 3 months and technical support has expired ($700 and 90 days support geez). Reading the Apple forums Drobo isn’t officially support. Reading Drobo FS literature Time Machine is officially support by Drobo, but doesn’t say if Apple supports it officially.

I now have 3 months of backups on the verge of being deleted and have needed to go to back to my backups a few times which has saved my ass. My data is over 2.7TB and my Drobo is 4TB (I could add another 2TB but $$$ is tight to keep my old TM).

Any help would really be appreciated I do Mac Tech Support and I am still trying to figure this one out (as to how to save my data).

Have you tried the steps in this page?

The disk image is now non mountable as I renamed it. the extension was something .recovery and I can’t remember it now.

Starting from scratch. While I had this down-time I added another 2TB drive to make my Time Machine drive 4.45TB - 6.43TB that should be enough to handle 2.7TB data currently over 2TB+1TB and then 2x2TB by end of May I hope (now if Caviar Black 3TB came out, I would jump to that instead, but then my backup would only have 20% over-head based on full drive)