Time To Replace - 5D3 vs 8D

I run a MacBook Pro with everything updated (macOS 10.14.6) and my Drobo 5D is getting a little long in the tooth so I am considering getting a new one.

The 8D seems to only support macOS but the 5D3 also supports Thunderbolt 3. What difference is there and/or how do I decide between them?


I purchased the 5D3 for better speed (Thunderbolt 3 is 40Gbps) and the smaller foot print on my desk, less vibration and more energy efficient. My primary use is Lightroom and it does not work well on a NAS, So, the decision was pretty simple for me. How much storage do you need? Does it need to be networked?

It doesn’t need to be networked, but I think I’ve decided on the 5D3 based on price. The 8D seems to offer greater capacity (8 bays) and a higher price which doesn’t help me out.

Thanks for replying.

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If there are spinning harddrives in whatever storage you choose, as there are in my 5D, you should read this article: https://www.macworld.com/article/2039427/how-fast-is-usb-3-0-really.html

Basically, with spinning drives the drives dictate the throughput not the connection to the computer whether using USB 3 or Thunderbolt.

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