Time Tamer

I’m relatively new to Drobo. I have a mini, and a 5D on the way, also just pre-ordered the new 4 bay.

I came across a reference to an app called Time amber in several places but after much searching can’t seem to find a difinitive answer about what happened… Is it still available, and if so - where?

If not, is there a replacement?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

is the main reason for your question, because you want to use time machine and are worried about it using up too much space?

if so, have a look at the info from this page too, as it might help a bit:

Hi Paul, thanks for the reply… You are correct, controlling space is the issue. In my case I have several different setups. The first is with 2 macbooks, one directly connected to the Drobo mini. I’ve been using ChronoSync to back up both to the Mini. For now I have external 1TB drives on both systems dedicated to Time Machine. What I want to do is allow both systems to use the Mini for Time Machine, and continue with the ChronoSync as well. I was thinking I could do this by setting up 3 Volumes on the Mini, then started reading about Time Tamer… All links to it seem to be dead ends. If there is nothing like it around, what I’ll probably do over the weekend is to start over. Set up 3 volumes on the mini (.75TB, .75TB, and everything that remains), point Time Machine at the 2 .75 volumes and ChronoSync at the 3rd…

I thought Time Tamer would allow me to do it all in 1 volume…

unfortunately timetamer started to vanish bit by bit, around 5 years ago
(raoul pop did piece on it at http://raoulpop.com/tag/time-tamer/)

another app that seemed to go missing is dropbear (not 100% sure what its used for, but some peope were recently trying to find it too)

if you have a process that is working already for you, i’d suggest you stick with it… there might be some ways to actually have multiple backups within 1 volume, but if you keep it simple it will usually work best.

your suggestion above, seems to cater for this (without using the new drobo you have on the way)…
so if you can still do that then you can put your new drobo to good use on other things instead :slight_smile:

ah cool, if she’s doing photography, you might want to check out that quickpar util:

(thats one example of usage but there are lots of threads with “quickpar” here if you do a search, or the main official website)

it might just save your/her bacon, and with only a small overhead in additional space needed :slight_smile:

Hi Paul, This sounds like something that could be useful… I’ll give it a test run this weekend…