Time Tamer "read me" file not appearing on desktop

I ran Time Tamer and everything seems to work with two issues…

  1. The “read me” file is not appearing on my desktop.

  2. The sparsebundle created on my Drobo is only 648MB in size, while my internal hard drive is 320GB with 270GB’s free.

I am not sure if I should run Time Machine with the Drobo as the backup destination with these two issues.

Sparsebundles start small and grow along with what you put in them up to the limit you set, so the size you report is probably OK. Put 1G of data in it and see what it grows to if you’re concerned.

So, if I point Time Machine at the Drobo it will find the sparsebundle and do its thing…nothing will get deleted?

I believe so, I still have my backups on the external drive I had before so I can’t talk from experience. This blog says good things though: http://www.devwebsphere.com/personal/2009/01/timetamer-on-drobo-or-anything-for-that-matter.html