Time Tamer or BackupmyFruit and Mac OS 10.6.4

I have read in the Apple Time Machine support forum that Mac OS 10.6.3 and up changes the Time Machine behaviour to always maximize the size of a sparse bundle when it starts up a backup.

If this is true, it would ruin the strategies of Time Tame and BackupMyfruit which place the Time Machine backup on a sparse bundle that is small enough to fit in the truly available Drobo space.

So can anybody who is running Mac OS 10.6.3 or 10.6.4 and Time Machine on a Drobo please check to see whether your sparse bundle has maxed out to the theoretical limit of the Drobo or the size of the sparse bundle that you originally set?

Can people who have had a problem please respond, as well as those who haven’t had a problem?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Why not just make a partition on the Drobo that’s exactly the size you want Time Machine to use? No need for sparseimages or worrying about how big it gets when it’s in its own walled space.


The problem with partitions is that they defeat one of the major benefits of the Drobo. i.e. that it can expand as you swap in larger drives

I don’t want to reformat the entire Drobo when my Powerbook goes from a 500Gb drive to a 1TB drive (hence requiring a larger Time Machine partition). I’m using it as a central place to back up 3 users computers and bought it so that I could scale storage as needed with data protection.

Also, reformatting requires that I have some other place to copy all that data before the Drobo comes back online.

Must be a better option!? Please tell us there is.

hi funfmal, partitions/volumes arent “that” bad…
there are good things and bad, but here are some good things…

  • more compatible with older operating systems
  • less prone to human error if you zap/format the wrong drive letter
  • quicker to chkdsk
  • quicker to startup (with windows theres a known delay if you have a huge volume)

i had an option to pre-format my blank drobo to a 16tb (advice from a good friend), but something said stick to 2tb and thats what i have at the moment. pros and cons but now i have a couple of 2tb volumes on each of my drobos, and use drive letters for different backup jobs etc.