time machine


i am trying to set up time machine on my wife’s laptop. it works fine on mine (i have drobo dashboard installed on this) but time machine select disk cannot see the share i created on my wife’s laptop.

i have not installed drobo dashboard on this laptop. i dont really want to. has anyone found this issue. surely i dont need dashboard installed, just as long as the share is mounted?


you did enable time machine?
and you are connected via AFP (apple file sharing)? NFS and samba won’t work for time machine.

i’ve just set up a test share, and was able to use it for time machine from another computer that doesn’t have dashboard installed.

yes i am connecting via AFP (go / connect to server / smb://droboshare-FS/etc/).

I have tried this on several computers but none of them will recognize this drive as available to time machine. the only computer i can set this up on is the one with drobo dashboard??

smb = samba, if that’s not just a typo change that to afp.
samba is windows file sharing.

and also it has time machine enabled? will say so on the status in the main drobo dash board “Available (Time Machine Enabled)”

what version of OS X are you running?
i’ve got a mini running 10.6.6 without dashboard installed, Made a new share from my laptop, enabled time machine, mounted on the mini, and it showed up.

thanks, yes i am indeed stupid!!! mounting via afp worked!!
it’s a bit annoying as i want to mount (including user name and password) at login, which is fine. however i want to prevent the finder window from poping open. I have created an applescript to do that, but it seems a bit excessive.

thanks for your help.

mine when i first selected the drive in the time machine preferences asked to store the password, now it mounts and un-mounts in the background as needed.