Time Machine

I have a first gen Drobo with USB2 connection to my MacPro and have been using it for my Time Machine. I just had a small drive fail so I got a new 1TB drive (I already have a 1TB drive installed). I also have a MacBook Air and have been using a 1TB USB3 Toshiba portable drive for Time Machine – connecting it manually. I am contemplation getting a 5N but was wondering if anyone knows if my MacBook Air will use it for Time Machine as all Apple will say is that it will use their Time Capsule. I would appreciate anyone who has a MacBook and is using the 5N successfully for Time Machine.

I have a MacBook Air, and the 5N works fine with it. I also moved from a 1st gen Drobo that was connected to a server for use as a Time Machine backup. Once you have the 5N set up on your network, you can create a share with the Drobo Dashboard app and then select it in your MacBook’s TM settings.

Thanks. Do you just switch the drives to the 5N and let it do its thing?

hi alan, im not too savvy with timemachine settings, though if you were asking about a possibility of simply migrating the existing disk pack of a Das gen1 drobo to a Nas 5n, then i dont think you can.