Time Machine Volume Size Change After Setup

I am having an issue. A year and a half ago I set up a Drobo 5N with a volume specifically setup for time machine with 750 GB in the volume, since at the time, the computer backing up to the volume was a 512 GB drive. We have since upgraded computers 1TB drive, and with the start of a new business year in wedding photography, our computers are filling up with RAW images and backups are now exceeding the size of the volume, thus cancelling the back up.

Is there a way to update the dedicated volume size of our time machine enabled volume to 2 TB from 750 GB after the fact?

Or am I stuck having to delete the old volume, and create a new one with a larger size? If I have to do this, am I able to transfer my old time machine sparcebundle file from the original volume to the new volume? Thanks for your help and suggestions!

hi am not sure exactly, though here are a couple of long threads which seem to discuss the matter and may be of help:
there is also a tool called TimeTamer for setting sizes (but if the initial volume size of your drobo is smaller than 2tb then i dont think you can rezise it on the fly), but have a look here.


You can’t resize your Time Machine volume so you’ll have to create a new, larger one to replace the existing one. You can move your existing backups to the new volume (see here for instructions) and then delete the old volume to release the space.

thanks for the follow up john