Time Machine volume corrupted or renamed

I have had to reformat my Drobo 3rd Gen about 4 times in the past two weeks. I have replaced all the drives with brand new drives, but there is still some problem between macOS Sierra and Time Machine, or the Drobo altogether.

I have initialized the Drobo with 4 2TB drives, and specified that there is a 1TB Time Machine backup volume. The drives were named Drobo and DroboTM. I successfully completed a complete backup and several hourly yesterday, and then left my computer for the day.

When I came to my computer this morning I got several notifications that the DroboTM volume was not ejected properly. I can see that the Drobo volume is still mounted and appears to be accessible but no DroboTM volume. However, within the Drobo Dashboard I see two volumes but they are both named Drobo! I try to rename the volume within the Drobo Dashboard but it fails.

Has anyone else had a nightmare with their Drobo 3rd generation and macOS Sierra?

Drobo Dashboard

Output from “diskutil list”

hi, do you know if there are any powersaving features you can check, just to see if there are any usb powersave shenanigans in play? (another user had some usb settings that the reconfigured which seemed to help)

can i check if you are using a single direct usb cable connection, or are there any other cables or adapters in the mix too?
(there might not be, though just to check)

was there a default name before you set a name? if you happen to try again, what happens if you set (without quotes) the 1st volume as “dro1” and the 2nd as “drotb”?
and also once that is setup, what happens if you use dashboard to shutdown the drobo, and then reboot the computer, and then restart the drobo, (and dashboard) before actually using any time machine… do those settings remain?

(just also linking your other TM-related post)

For background information, most of the System Preferences are the defaults from a fresh install of macOS Sierra. The Drobo is directly connected via USB 3.0 to the USB port on the back of the Retina 5K iMac.

In the Energy Saver panel:
[off] Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off
[on] Put hard disks to sleep when possible *
[on] Wake for network access
[off] Start up automatically after a power failure
[on] Enable Power Nap

  • As the backup process is Time Machine, a product of Apple, I would hope that they would not be putting my DroboTM drive asleep at the same time as a backup was to be ran.

The drive names within Drobo Dashboard are what showed after several reboots after the drive was set up. It would seem strange that it had different names than was being reported by diskutil. I assume that the default name for the main volume is Drobo, but I don’t know what the default name for the backup volume. I typically don’t use Drobo Dashboard to shut the drive down or reboot it unless there are issues with it.


Yesterday I went into the Disk Utility app and could see that the drive names were unique, and I used Disk Utility to mount the DroboTM drive. Since then, several backups have occurred, and the computer was allowed to do its own power management from last evening until this morning. I rebooted the machine just now and both volumes appear to be operating normally, but only time will tell as it has been at least once a week for the failures for the past 3 weeks.

thanks for the extra info, if your usb plugs straight into the computer (not an actual monitor which is then plugged into the computer), thats the best connection as far as i know. i also just saw your updated post regarding diskwarrior which seems good news with addressing the other issues.

hopefully the problems dont come back, but in case they do, it might be worth experiementing with those sleeping or power nap settings (or at least investigating further into what they actually mean with your setup)

but fingers crossed things continue to work ok for much much longer for you… :slight_smile:

I think it is the Power Nap option. After turning it off I have had 3 days of no corruption, and who needs an hourly backup done throughout the night when no real user data has changed? Still, it is very strange that a feature that explicitly lists Time Machine as one of the features related to it would corrupt the backups when used.

ah thats nice to hear, and glad things are ok for you again at the momet, and thats interesting, you might be on to something, as another user lisa had some problems that started, after a month or 2 of perfect time machine volume backups - ill link the related posts, and mention for lisa too.


I had the same issue. Fighting it in last month and half. In my case I used Disk Rescue4 to recover some data from Drobo drive. But the disk failure happened again today.

Did the turning off the power nap help? I will try it tonight.

For the most part, yes. However not two hours after telling a coworker that I had about two or three weeks of success did I encounter corruption again. I feel like a sellout (and not pleased in any way) but I bought DiskWarrior to fix the volume, which it did, and I have been working just fine for a week since. I sincerely hope that I won’t find in the future that the fix of using a third party repair tool created problems (or rather didn’t really fix the problems) and the actual backup integrity is gone.