Time Machine Stuck With 5N Share Backup

Have just returned from a trip and restarted home desktop system that includes a Mac Pro backing up with Time Machine to its share on a Drobo 5N.

But it won’t back up. Seems that Time Machine is stuck in “Preparing Backup” mode. It always backed up normally before.

Running OS X 10.10.3. Drobo 5N firmware is 3.2.2. Drobo Dashboard is 2.6.8.

Drobo Dashboard says device health is Good, the Hot Data Cache is ON, and the Active Interface is Ethernet.

Separately, my MacBook Pro is backing up normally with Time Machine to its respective Share of the same Drobo 5N.

Would appreciate any recommendations.

Have a look here, especially section C.

I have attempted the procedure shown on the referenced web page. Deleting the Time Machine preferences file from the system library has not worked.

Should I start over with the 5N and just wipe and re-setup shares?

It depends on your priorities. If you’re keen to keep your existing backups there are probably ways of repairing them. If you just want to get your computer backing up again then trash the relevant share and start again. As a compromise, if you have the space, you could abandon the existing Time Machine share with a view to trying to fix it later and create a new share for immediate use.

Thanks for your assistance. The same issue started with my MacBook Pro so I decided just to reset the Drobo 5N and reestablish the shares. When that was completed the backup of the Mac Pro started fine.

As a matter of curiosity can you trash just one share and redefine it to start again without resetting the entire 5N? How?

Thanks again.