Time Machine Server

Hi All,

I’m looking to use a Drobo B800fs to act as storage for a Timer Machine Server (OSX Mavericks Server), running off a Mac Mini.

What I want to know is: will I encounter any issues because of the Drobo being a NAS device, and not being directly attached to the Mac Mini?

Thanks All

hi xmas,
i dont know about that specifically, but you’ll need to create a limited storage area on the drobo before using it for timemachine.

eg, if you actual usable free space is 100GB, give timemachine a volume or area which can only go up to say 90GB
(dont let it use what it thinks it can use, because drobo often shows the operating system more than it actually has, to allow for future hard drive upgrades etc).

I’m pretty sure that the Time Machine Server in Mavericks Server only works with local disks, so I don’t think this is going to work. Then again, since the FS is already a networked storage device, there’s really no reason to go through OS X Server.

I need to use OSX Server for monitoring update progress, and enforcing varying size restrictions for each machine on our network.

I know there’s a chance this can’t be done, but I can’t see why Time Machine on a local machine would be fine with NAS, but not the Time Machine server implementation. Was hoping someone had some first have experience with this kind of setup.

I was not able to get the Drobo FS to work in this manner with our Mac Mini Server. I ended up just using it across the wire, but I’m having little annoyances - which I’ll be looking for some help with on this forum. I recommend getting a drive that will attach directly to use with Mac Server. There was also a post I ran across that said using the new(isn) encryption feature for Time Machine breaks drobo’s file system somehow.

We only have 2 systems backing up via Time Machine - and it usually works - but overnight, one or the other, or both systems fail to backup at some point. I’m wondering if they are locking each other out or something.

Just a quick idea: Create an image file on the Drobo, a growing one of course, and use that as a drive? Time Machine support in Drobo is not that good right now. You could also use Carbon Copy Clone for scheduled clones (which has the benefit of bootable 1:1 backups).

I do that to an image file on my NAS.