Time Machine Partition Space

A few weeks ago, my 1TB iMac filled up. I was able to delete some stuff and get down to 830 GB, but realized that I needed to move some stuff off the hard drive.

I got a recommendation for Drobo and now I sit with a Drobo Mini with 2 x 1TB drives. I followed the Drobo support tutorial to create a partition for Time Machine (set this volume size as 1TB) and have a 2nd volume with capacity at 15TB (planning that as I need more storage, I’ll expand that volume rather than the TM).

I ran a new backup Time Machine a couple days ago and looks to successfully be on the right volume BUT I have red light warning that the volume is almost full and I need to add more storage. By the nature of TM, it’s going to be almost full all the time, correct? Can I ignore the red light on the front of the Drobo? Is there a way to turn it off?

The almost full TM has created another problem for me, in that copying to the empty “Other Files” volume on the Drobo is extremely slow (copied 600 MB in 2 hours, with 35 days left to copy the remaining 170 GB!). According to Drobo Support:

Since my TM Volume will always be almost full, this seems like it’s going to create a constant problem for me getting data to and from my other Volume. Any tips on setting this up more efficiently?

hi amy, im not a mac or time machine expert, but here is a bit of info that might help :slight_smile:

a drobo usually has total space, and usable space.
in your case, you put 2 drives into it, at 1tb each.
that means you have 2tb of total space.
but because drobos are designed to help protect you against a drive failure, it only lets you use 1 of the drives for data.
so your usable is 1tb.
(drobo’s, and some other devices) also get a bit slow when almost full)

if you are backing up your whole mac, which is almost 1tb, then its filling up the usable space on your drobo, and the drobo then goes more slowly.

this is why the lights are red, and why its going slow.
to fix it, you could get another drive and add it into slots 3 or 4 (i dont think it has to be 1tb minimum, you might be be able to get a cheap smaller drive, which might be enough to help drobo speed up and not be red again, but just double check with support before you get another drive to make sure it will work).

1 question i have though is this…
from the start of your main post above, it sounded as though you wanted to move some data from the mac to the drobo (so that you can free up some more space on your mac)…

if so ,was there a need to actually run a full time maching backup?
eg, if you have some large files of data/videos or whatever, sitting on the mac,
why not just copy and paste them to the drobo (say 300gb’s worth), and then when youre happy that they are working fine on the drobo, you could then zap them from the mac to free up 300gb of space, instead of dumping a full timemachine?

i might have misunderstood your objectives though ;)[hr]
(btw, if you do have any really precious data, then its always good to have an extra backup etc)