Time Machine & Max size limit

Hi there,

I’m using a B800FS to backup our office, which is fully OS X. I’ve been creating encrypted sparsebundle images as the Share has everyone’s backups on it.

However, when I first enabled the share, I set the maximum size of the backups as 2 TB, BUT the maximum size of (most) of the sparsebundles is 600 GB, which cannot be exceeded (the 2 TB limit is redundant)

I have 10 TB space with dual-disk redundancy, which should provide roughly enough storage for 15 people.

HOWEVER, due to the ‘2 TB limit’ I can now not back up more than 5 people due to the Drobo reporting that it doesn’t have enough space!

Is there any way to rectify this? I’d really prefer not to have to migrate all these HUGE disk images to a new share over a network, as it will take forever, and I’d also prefer not to tell people their backups now have to be re-done.

Any thoughts?

The simplest solution is to create a new share without a quota (or a much higher one), then SSH into the Drobo and move them from one share to the other (from the DroboFS/B800FS’s perspective, it’s all one filesystem underneath, so no copying necessary). Sadly there’s no way to do this without SSH.

As far as SSH servers go, you can use the official Dropbear app from DRI, or ricardo’s port of OpenSSH (personally, I’d go with OpenSSH).

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