Time Machine History Not Visible after Catalina upgrade

Hello Drobo Community,

I’ve been using a Drobo 5N for the last ~5 years or so, very successfully backing up my multiple mac computers to separate TM enabled partitions.

After my recent upgrade to Catalina I noticed I lost access via the TM UI, my backups prior to Catalina went back to 5/2019… after the upgrade i could only view backups on stored locally, even tho TM would complete successfully and save data to the drobo.

After each patch pushed by Apple I would again loose visibility into backups prior to the update.

I’ve attached a detailed thread on my experience in the Apple Community forum. I’ve also submitted a feedback ticket to Apple (FB7400866) and they’ve requested detailed logs from Time Machine which I sent on 11/6, no response yet.

If anyone else is having a similar experience I’d like to hear it. From what I’ve read it sounds like Catalina has to ‘upgrade’ the backup volume and I don’t know if the Drobo is handling that task appropriately. I’ve noticed recently the backup volume in the Drobo Dashboard hanging while mounting. I’ve had to reboot the drobo to resolve this and notice immediately after rebooting I can see my May 2019 snapshots in the TM UI.

If I can provide any additional detail or expand on any of the points covered please let me know, I’ve provided extensive background on my experience in the link provided as well.



Apple Community Thread on Missing TM Backups

Update: After all recent public updates were applied I am still without stable access to my Time Machine ™ backups via the macOS TM UI.

The data is there, I’ve had 2 instances were the UI upon random checks does display backups going to May 2019, but its unclear what restores it.

Currently it appears the TM Share Volume isn’t mounting normally. Below is a screenshot of the Drobo dashboard when I check its status after it doesn’t respond when I attempt to mount the drive as I troubleshoot the TM UI.

I’ve posted updates the Apple Feedback Assistant Case I opened with no recent request for additional data or updates on status.

I suspect based on my Google News Alerts this issues is getting broader appeal as more articles pop up related to Time Capsule and Catalina upgrades.

Its a wait for a fix issue now. It would be helpful to know if Drobo is aware and working with Apple however, I’m not seeing any indication they’ve noticed.

This issue appears to have been resolved after most recent dashboard update. I’m still finding my historical TM backups take ~20 minutes and multiple attempt to load in the TM UI for Finder.

No word from Apple or Drobo on why this might be and its unclear how this impacts TM’s ability to purge hx backups.