Time Machine Filled FS Up

Hi Folks,

I wondered if anyone has had this problem before. My FS has been running fine for the past month, has 3 x 1.5 TB discs fitted & is running the latest FW.

I have 2 shares on the FS, and thought I’d add a Time Machine share to it too (following the info on the Drobo Support page). The drive space already used by the existing shares was 621 GB, and I set the Time Machine share up for a maximum of 800GB. The Drobo was happy with this, and I proceeded to back up my iMac (86 GB of data reported for the first back up by OSX).

All was ok for the first 24 hours, then I got an Amber alert from the FS saying that I only had 400GB left. This was followed about 12 hours later with a Red alert, and on checking Dashboard there was only 12GB free space left on the FS !!

In this time (a couple of days) there was no other data written to the Drobo, so I can only assume that the Time Machine share has caused the problem.

I deleted the share, and over about 6 hours the FS sorted itself out & is now reporting over 2 TB free space.

Any ideas on what’s caused this behaviour ?


hi Andy, ive heard lots of (problem stuff) regarding time machine from web sites and some of my friends,

its probably worth double checking the setups you have, and all possible configurable options on the time machine program itself… .maybe there was some folder getting backed up due to changes, but which contained time machine data, which then got backed up, and then thought something changed so it backed that up, etc etc