Time Machine direct attached 5N extremely slow


I have recently moved my Drobo 5N from NAS to direct because of verification errors causing me to restart backups every few weeks. Now, the 5N is ethernet attached directly to my MacPro and it is taking over 2-3 hours to backup 11.91MB of data.

I did find the Time Machine guide but is very out dated at this point, as we are on Sierra and the guide goes only to Mountain Lion and there are no answers there.

Any advice for this, please? Thank you!


hi lisa :slight_smile:
can i check if all the lights are solid green on the front, (and essentially how much used % is your drobo at the moment?) if it is around 95% or more, that could explain a lot of slow down issues (but ive been at that value before, and am pretty sure 11MB didnt take anywhere near that amount of time)

Hey, yes, all lights are solid green and I am only using 43% total of the space. My Time Machine share space is 3.9TB.

But, the point is moot now because I just got another one of those ‘verification’ errors so I will need to dump the entire setup. I have another thread going on that issue.

Thank you for the help! Have a nice evening!


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I restarted the backup by deleting the old share, restarting the Drobo, creating a new time machine share with 4.5TB. I have 65% free space and began the first backup yesterday, which I know takes a lot of time. But, I wanted to let you know it is still running that initial backup currently at 105.38gb of 2.68TB. The drive is direct connect via ethernet. I must say, I am terribly disappointed in the lack of speed of the Drobos. I do understand that ethernet is not the fastest but I have yet to have an acceptable experience with time machine backup speeds, except for the very first setup, no issues until about 6 weeks later I got the ‘verification’ error and since then, a disaster. I don’t know what causes this, maybe there is an optimization tool to help it run cleaner or something, but because of this, I am probably going to just sell it for thunderbolt. I can’t keep losing & restarting backups because at some point, it will bite me in the behind not being able to go back far enough.

Thank you for your help.

(just linking to your other post)
plus a new idea of possible fix for you there too lisa :slight_smile:

Hey! Here’s something I noticed when I first made the switch to direct connect but I ejected it using the eject icon next to it, removed any drives associated with it then restarted the computer and, frankly, have not noticed it since. But I do have a ‘ghost’ IP address now showing up in my finder window shared side bar menu with a question mark where the icon should be.

I will bet money that this is the bane of my Time Machine existence, eh? I realize this is the ghost of the Drobo when it was network connected but I have no idea what to do about it. The direct connect ethernet IP is different and self-assigned, although it has a yellow warning light since it cannot connect to internet.

So, the adventure continues…

Thank you and have a lovely day! I am going to Apple store to pick up an ethernet to thunderbolt connector. Every little bit helps!

Lisa Rose :wink:

EDIT: I opened the ghost in a finder window and disconnected. I hope the will do it! Since the initial backup never completed. I reloaded the disk and starting again! Nope, it just re-connected itself.

FYI, I am trying to find where it keeps auto connecting from but it doesn’t seem to want to go away. Boo.

EDIT2: OK, it’s the auto-discovery that keeps finding the ghost drive. I turned it off and added manual IP address that just got locked in a spin. Shutting it down, restarting everything.

(hehe, maybe it was the “ghost” saying Boo" :slight_smile:

the autodiscovery is interesting, and by the way lisa, did you get a chance to try that power nap setting from here?

LOL!! Well, all is said and done now, I started a ticket and Drew was great but I decided to reset the whole thing. I got what I needed off of it and did a paper clip reset. I put it back on the network, set up a new time machine share and it has been working on the first backup since yesterday morning.

I think I will need to come up with the money for a 5D or get the 5C. Great for files and remote access but for me, did not work for backups which is my primary need.

We can consider this thread closed and I thank you, Paul for your hep! I’ll close the other one, too.

Have a great day!

Lisa Rose