Thunderbolt on PC

Hi everyone, just got my Drobo 5D today. Was looking forward to great transfer speeds that I enjoy with Thunderbolt and I was hoping to get the same experience with the Drobo.

But alas I’m stuck with USB3.

Why? Because I found out that Drobo only supports Thunderbolt on Macs! I’m a PC user with a Thunderbolt connection. I’ve been using thunderbolt docks with no problems.I don’t see why Drobo can’t support Thunderbolt on PCs.

Can anyone from Drobo help explain or hopefully let me know if Thunderbolt PC support is in the pipeline?

That’s not USB3.0 which is the limiting factor here so you wouldn’t gain much by connecting via Thunderbolt.

hi, one thing to also bear in mind, is that a drobo might slow down a little bit for housekeeping, after you start copying or changing a bunch of files. but once you have your data there, it should be quick enough to read it via usb.

unless a file is a media file using a lot of bitrate bandwith, it should be ok, but try some tests to see.

as for thunderbolt, i think it will be good to support a pc, if they already support a mac, but from models in the past, the usb ones have tended to be the most stable.

I’ve found Drobo’s website misleading about Drobo devices supporting Thunderbolt. I’m in the same situation as you. I bought a Drobo Mini and a Windows laptop expecting to be able to use Thunderbolt.

After almost a year of watching while the spec page doesn’t make it abundantly clear that Drobos do not support Thunderbolt under Windows, I’m disappointed in them.