When the drivers will come out, I have years using USB 3.0 on windows, and there is others thunderbolt external drives out there.

Good question, nobody knows. Maybe Drobo is waiting for some other new technology to come along so they dont have to do these Windows drivers.
I’m sure Intel has a program that can help Drobo develop drivers for the Windows platform but maybe Drobo is too shy or embarrassed to ask them for help. No one really knows why it would take so long.

is there a reason you need to connect via thunderbolt?

you wont see any speed difference

Drobo 5D or Mini currently is on Thunderbolt 1.

Have to agree with DocChris … comparing

  1. TB speed on Mac and USB 3.0 speed on Mac … both are almost similar
  2. TB speed on a Mac and USB 3.0 speed on a Win … again very close

Above speed test as done with Drobo 5D and Drobo Mini.

So for Windows PC user… even you can’t use Drobo with TB … you are not losing out in anyway :slight_smile:

I think if it is implemented correctly you should see a speed bump. TB is 10Gb/s versus USB 3.0 at 5Gp/s. And if it is Thunderbolt 2, which is what I have, you can double that again to 20Gb/s.

Saturating the USB 3.0 bus seems to be a problem for the Drobo so I’m not sure if TB will be better but other than that it also gives you another interconnect option.