thunderbolt cables

Hi guys
just received my new Drobo 5D.

no thunderbolt cables supplied, is that usual ?

I’m UK based



Yes, Drobo stopped shipping T-bolt cable w/ the 5D & Mini. USB 3.0 cable is included tho.

Is USB 3 as fast as Thunderbolt though ?

I’m using drobo for film editing so need speed,



Even on a Mac Mini the TB connection gives me +10% throughput, but nothing spectacular vs. USB3.

hi, just to let you know, i have been able to do video editing with 20GB of source files on my drobo-s, via usb, and im pretty sure any slowdowns came from my cpu being maxxed out rather than drobo connection :slight_smile:

On the subject of Thunderbolt cables… are there any in particular that have developed a bad reputation ( or a great reputation?? )

We have three or four brands to choose from…