This is new for me, how do I install Drobo Aplications - FUPPES

I have had a Drobo FS for a few years. I have never installed any applications yet. I would like to use my Drobo FS as a media server. I have a Seagate Go Flex Media server.

I found a Drobo Application FUPPES that just might do what I wanted. How do I get started? How Do I install a Drobo Application and manage it?

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DRI provides a decent starter guide:

In short:
[list=1][]In the Drobo Dashboard, enable DroboApps. I don’t have it in front of me right now, but it’s not too hard to locate.
]Mount the DroboApps share, whether via Dashboard, Windows Explorer, or Mac OS X Finder, it makes no difference.
[]Download the app in question - it will be a “.tgz” file. Do not expand this archive.
]Copy the app.tgz to the DroboApps share. Don’t put it in a folder, just at the root of the share.
[*]Restart the Drobo using the Drobo Dashboard.[/list]
Configuring each app is wholly dependent on the app and how it’s packaged and designed. If you’re going to use apps, a lot of them ultimately like to have a web server (Apache or lighttpd) and Droboadmin installed, and some will require SSH (Dropbear or OpenSSH).

Before you get too deep, keep in mind that the DroboFS has a very weak processor and very limited memory, so it may struggle with some tasks.

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