This Drobo is not Formatted


After a disk crash my drobo rebuild successful but now I have no volume on it!

Is there anything I can do to rebuilt the volume information?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Does the dashboard say the volume is unformatted?

Or you just cannot mount the volume?

The Dashboard say “You don´t have any volumes on this Drobo. Click here to create a new volume”

What OS are you on?
What’s your connection?
What firmware and dashboard versions are you running?

OS: Win7 x64 / Ubuntu server x64 / Vista x64

I use a DroboShare!

Dashboard 1.5.1
Firmware 1.3.5
Droboshare Firmware 1.1.2

Ok, moved thread to correct category.

Depending on how you have it formatted, please directly connect your drobo to a computer and run either chkdsk or repair disk.

chkdsk or repair disk dosnt work without any volume!
Testdisk find no voume!

I have still no chance to get my data back!

is there any way to connect the Drobo Linux without ssh?

i think its probably time to contact support directly (i.e. phone them)

I’ve seen this - that’s what happened when I initially upgraded the Drobo firmware connected to DroboShare.

Shut down the Drobo, disconnect the USB cable from the Drobo, wait until the power LED goes orange, then remove power from the Drobo and the DroboShare.

Wait 5 minutes, then connect the USB cable to the Drobo, reconnect power to the Drobo, and reconnect power to the DroboShare.

If that doesn’t help, definitely phone support.