Third Party iSCSI initiators on OSX?

Has anyone tried any? Do any of them work? I was hoping to take this question up with support but it seems I’m still in line and waiting and was hoping that someone in the community here may have already asked these questions and can provide a nudge in the right direction. I really really need to get this drobopro off of my workstation and back onto my server and the FW800 performance doesn’t cut it.

A friend of mine has been using iSCSI for years on OS X. He has a DroboPro and has used the Atto initiator with it.

Interesting … maybe I’ll have to give that a shot. Still waiting to talk to the support people about the issues :frowning: it’s been over 2 weeks now and they say they can’t replicated the kernel panic I’m having (even though the KB states that it’s a problem). ??