Thinking outside the box. Drobo for external drives? PCIe card? ATX? 2.5"?

Think of a small box with 5 or more eSATA ports. I know it would be messy, but I was wondering if someone could think of a good business reason for it.

How about an internal PC drobo? A PCIe card with 5 sata ports. Use the card for the drobo and the drives are powered by the computer.

How about partnering with Lian Li or some other computer case manufacturer and offering a drobo built into the case? Have a small door near the bottom of the case and the drives slide right into the case.

How about 2.5" drive drobo? How about a small drobo that fits in a 2 bay 5.25" space and the drives slide in vertically? 8 drives could easily fit and maybe 10.

Sure, some of these ideas are off the wall, but what do you think?

I’m sure the internal drobo and the 2.5" drinks exist as beta test hardware in a DRI Lab

The esata drobo is just a mess, too many points of failure … Plus you could DIY it with Sara to esata cables :wink:

I certainly would like to have an internal drobo - i.e. a pcie card with 8 sata ports to the 8 drives or something like that.

does this mean drobo could potentially replace things like the raid1 (pair of hard drives in a windows box) for example?

it would need to be a lot faster !