Theoretically speaking: What if the Main drobo motherboard dies?

How does one recover from such a catastrophic failure? Could the drives be moved into another drobo for a full recovery?

You can move your drives to a different drobo.

I hope that I’m not being a pain when I ask this, but has this been tested? I have not heard anyone talk about this and it has me a bit worried.

Everything I’ve seen indicates that moving drives in and out of the drobo results in drive initialization.

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Which also applies to moving drives from one Drobo to the another Same type of Drobo.

I don’t have 2 Drobos to fully test your question, but I transport my Drobo on a regular basis, with the drives removed and stored in Weibetech cases. Never had a problem or hiccup.

It is important to remove and install the drives with the Drobo powered down. If you were to install or remove drive sets with the Drobo powered up, then it does what you are worried about

Jennifer, this is exactly what i needed to restore confidence!! you own! thanks.[hr]

Indeed. Again, all of the instructions i’ve read/seen all describe what happens during a power-on scenario.

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it only re-initialises if the drive ISNT already a drobo disk AND its placed into an empty drobo or…

if you already have a disk pack and put in ANY disk - then it will be reinitialised

but all of the information relating to your disk pack is stored on the disk pack itself, so the first thing drobo does on boot is ask the diskpack about itself :slight_smile:

if it helps i kept the same diskpack from drobo - > Drovo 2 - > drobopro and it worked fine (including some upgrades along the way