The Lion Sleeps Tonight (And Drobo Dashboard Gets Lost)

Drobo: Drobo FS
Firmware: 1.2.0
Dashboard: 2.0.3
OS: Mac OS X 10.7.1 (Lion)

Has anyone figured out how to make Drobo Dashboard 2.0.3 find the Drobo FS consistently with Lion?

When I boot up on my home network, it finds the Drobo FS just fine, the shares show in the finder, it auto-mounts the ones I’ve checked, and everything is hunky-dory.

As soon as I close the shell and sleep my laptop, it loses everything and the mounts don’t come back when I open the shell again, especially with my most common use case: going to work.

  1. I boot, Drobo Dashboard launches, Drobo FS mounts show in Finder
  2. Close the shell, go to work, open the shell, mounts go away (expected)
  3. Close the shell, go home, open the shell, mounts never reappear

If, after this sequence, I open the Drobo Dashboard, it never even sees my Drobo FS.

Any ideas?

It appears that if I kill off DDServiced and DDService64d, when I reopen Drobo Dashboard, it complains that an important part of Drobo Dashboard isn’t running, I get a crash report, and then if I reopen, everything’s working again. Considering the whole point of DDService*d is to automatically re-find the Drobo for you, AFAIK, that’s pretty… dumb.

kill DDservice64d when it happens, it respawns automatically. then start your dashboard and you should see your Drobo status again.

If you start the Dashboard again before it respawns then you get the nasty message so give it a few. Hopefully they will sort this out soon because it’s reaaaal tedious.

Buh. So I opened a support request to Drobo about this, and the response I got was:

So, the magical daemon that always runs that’s supposed to find Drobos on your network when it initializes will only find them… the first time it boots? Why does it even keep running then? That seems like broken behavior to me. Ergh.

Quitting Drobo Dashbaord first by using the “Euit” option from the Drobo icon in the menu bar , then killing DDService, and then relaunching Drobo Dashboard is a better way to do this.

This script will help. Save it as simba.sh


echo “Attempting to sort out Drobo dashboard…”
sudo launchctl stop com.datarobotics.ddserviced
sudo launchctl stop com.datarobotics.ddservice64d
sleep 5
sudo launchctl start com.datarobotics.ddserviced
sudo launchctl start com.datarobotics.ddservice64d
sleep 5
echo “OK, try it now…”[/quote]

Then, when dashboard does not find the drobo fs, do this:

[]Exit drobo dashboard
]Exit the drobo dashboard in the menu bar.
[]Run terminal, and run simba.sh, you need to authenticate once.
]Restart drobo dashboard.

I have been very patient, but I still can’t believe after all this time that this still hasn’t been fixed… This is absolutely horrendous support by DataRobotics…

BTW for those who kill the DDService64d process, then launch Drobo Dashboard, and then see nothing in Shares, DON’T PANIC! Just wait a while longer - the same long time it took with the old dashboard v1 on Mac to detect my Drobo.

(Snow Leopard and Dashboard v2 was very fast at detecting my Drobo, but now this Lion issue emerges. BTW Win7 dashboard never had such speed issues, either with v1 or v2 of the dashboard.)

@ve7tcc - Good alternative with visual feedback in the script. I just went with force killing the process: “sudo killall -KILL DDService64d && sudo killall -KILL DDServiced && sudo killall -KILL launchdadd” in an Automator app.

rubbish device. rubbish company. still no updates after all this time.

Dashboard 2.0.4 is out you know…?

Don’t be put off if it’s not listed against your model of device, read the release note PDF link beside one of the links for the devices that are listing 2.0.4.

Admittedly it’s not long since I updated to it and I had a reboot the other night for the OSX update but it’s not dropped connection to my Drobo 2 since.

Alas, came home tonight and thought about this thread. After 3 days since the last boot the DDServices had failed and needed killing like with 2.0.3 :frowning:

Just dump it then. If it is such a rubbish device with rubbish support, why do you keep using it?

…I guess there are a few of us here hoping that some of us will pick up our comment and act for general good and then benefit in kind because they don’t believe they will get better product by purchasing Drobocare.