The First That Works!

Good morning All!

I bet you have considered quitting trading forex?
As a matter of fact I am pretty sure of that! I have been in the same situation until recently when I finally got there! It is a very small secret that only a few people know but can make you rich - not overnight but pretty sooon anyway.
It is like this - you buy a forex robot but do not use it, then wait for the refund period to expire and then when the vendor knows you are not going for a refund, ask them to provide you with the real forex expert advisor! Thats right - initially you are receiving some crappy robot because the vendor presumes you are going for a refund anyway, and only after the 60 days have expired and if you pushe them they will give you the real one!
I did it with forex megadroid, the fap turbo and the really nice ForexPros Born Night Owl!
Go there - it is www dot born-fx dot com and ignore the commercial presentation - just buy it, it is not expensive, and wait for the 60 days, then push them to give you the real one!