Technology Upgrade.

I am drooling over the new Drobo 5D. The use of SSD as smartcache, and battery backup to prevent data loss is great. But obviously the biggest advantage, is the new CPU it has, needed to deliver the Thunderbolt and USB throughputs.

I had my wallet ready, but then I forgot I needed by Drobo to be accesible from the Network so I could share it with several devices. (and connecting it to a computer, and leaving it on 24/7 is out of the question).

I really hope we will see a Drobo FS 5D or something in the near future, with the previously mentioned feature. Having a Drobo with a faster CPU, will definitely help (bigger bandwidth pipe using the Gigabit Ethernet port).

I am cautiously optimistic… I reserve judgment until we get someone to find out what the CPU is, and more importantly, how much RAM it ships with.

do you remember someone using an operating system which allowed them to daisy chain (or connect) multiple AND different cpu’s, memory chips etc to make a mini super computer which could utilise it all?

maybe the next drobo could have a similar upgrade path, whereby the actual drives are not the only things that can be detatched and upgraded over time…

imagine a consumer drobo like we have already, but where you can also detach the cpu (just like an xbox drive upgrade) and attach a faster one when you like? :slight_smile:

While it’s possibly, managing heterogeneous devices (and architectures) initially takes more processing to manage… Kind of like having a needy apprentice - until you either get enough apprentices to spend less time training, you’ll end up spending more time to do the job. :slight_smile:

But I do like the idea…

Back to the OP’s issue… Personally, I find the “server” portions of the FS Drobo units a bit limiting, so I lean more toward a low-power, (near) silent, small form factor PC. Doing it this way also “liberates” your data from that single piece of hardware, meaning that if I need to run a lengthy Chkdsk or some other repair/recovery, I can pull the unit off the server and connect it to whatever machine needs to mess with it.