Technical Problem and Accessing Support

hi guys

My Drobo V2 has been intermittently going into rebuild mode twice in the last week, not sure what the problem is, I assume a faulty disk but I don’t know which one.

Given that I purchased this in September of 2008 I’m assuming I’m out of warranty. I attempted to purchase DroboCare but it said it no longer allows out of warranty purchases.

So, how do I go about accessing technical support for my product, any ideas?


You’re out of warranty, but I still believe you can contact support through the normal online support?

You can ask them about what your options are, at the very least.

Q: My unit is no longer under warranty. Can I purchase DroboCare?

You can no longer purchase an out-of-warranty DroboCare support contract for 1st generation Drobos. (If your Drobo only has a USB interface (i.e., no FireWire connector), it is a 1st generation Drobo.)

DroboCare can be purchased for all other actively-sold products which are out of warranty. Please see https://www.drobocare.com/outofwarranty/ for details.


visit Data Robotics’ Technical Support site at www.drobo.com/support (listed on the top of each web page here :slight_smile: )

Thanks Jennifer

this is where the confusion arises;

a) I have a version 2 unit FW800, but when I attempted to purchase DroboCare yesterday it refused me saying it was an out of warranty purchase that was no longer supported.
b) The question still remains…can I access Drobo Technical Support without the DroboCare or do I need DroboCare? If the latter and I can’t purchase it, then how do I access technical support?


Just open a case and it will be forwarded to the department who handles DroboCare.

You don’t need drobocare in order to open a case. You can either submit online or call.