System Volume Information


I’ve done something very silly and moved a whole folder of media into a unhidden “System Volume Information” folder on my Drobo drive.

I’m using Windows 8.1 and for the life of me, I can not move the folder back out. Nor can I edit it in anyway.

I’ve tried to change the security so everyone has access to read or write, but this hasn’t worked either (doesn’t let me change a thing).

Also attempted the command line to takeown /f but it can not find the file path (I’ve mapped the drive to V:)

Anybody has come across this?

hi, if you can check the security settings of that folder, you might need to add yourself to each nested folder.

have you tried to make an extra account with admin priviledges, and to then log on as that user, and to try to give yourself permissions again?

failing that, if you can actually see your data, and if its not too big, can you at least try to copy it and paste it somewhere to verify, to at least be able to access it again meanwhile?

alternatively - if you are still using the system and havent done much else in terms of operations, does “undo move” move it back out? (check the undo its worth a shot) :slight_smile:

Is this of any use to you?