System log lines - spam or something bad?

i’m seeing a lot of log lines getting dumped into my system log every few seconds in the following general form:

4/6/13 10:47:31.000 AM kernel[0]: V1.7.0: TrustedData_UserClient_SCSIType00::vendorSpecificPassThroughIn() returning failure from driver: 3758097084

i believe this to be drobo-related, but i am not sure. nor am i sure which of my two drobos it relates to. i have two drobos attached to this system (drobopro via iSCSI and drobo v2 via FW800). i have more reason to suspect it is the drobopro and the iSCSI connection that is causing it because of the long history of buggy iSCSI drivers that i’ve had in the past from data robotics.

as far as i can tell, both drobos are functioning. at one level, i would really like to cut down the spam in my system logs - it makes it much harder to tell what is really going on when there is a steady stream of useless (?) lines flowing by. and at another level, if this message is actually trying to tell me something that is a real problem (something failing, some incompatibility of software components, or whatever) then of course i really need to figure out what needs to be done.

tried googling for this, and i only found a few hits. in every case (even though i did not use “drobo” in the search), the hits i got were drobo users. but i found nothing that actually shed any light on what the cause of the log lines is, much less how to fix.

anyone else seeing anything like this?

failing that, can anyone help me “decode” what it is saying? what is TrustedData? what does SCSIType00 refer to? what does the vendorSpecificPassThroughIn function do? what is error 3758097084? any guess as to whether this would come from iSCSI vs. FW800?

thanks in advance.

TrustedData or TRUSTED something-or-other is what some Drobos (ie, my 4-bay gen 2 unit look like TRUSTED USB STORAGE) look like on the interface, from earlier research it seems to have nothing to do with trust but rather was some former incarnation of Data Robotics/Drobo.

I am getting similar errors in the log. TrustedData_driver_VendorSpecific… SCSIType00
I recently updated to dashboard 2.5.1 and have a drobo 5N that is new and have loaded new firmware a few times.

Any suggestions on hot to stop this.[hr]
Just removed Dashboard and the errors stopped. I then loaded dashboard 2.5.0 and the errors did not start back up again - strangely until I plugged back in my old Drobo Ver2. Disconnected the drobo again and the messages stopped.

I have a 5N and an FS - no errors, but when the older Drobo Ver2 is plugged in the errors start. Tested this by plugging into a laptop and the errors started up on the laptop as well.

Not sure how you move something to a different forum - but this probably should go to the dashboard forum or drobo forum.

Hope this helps.

might be worth creating some diagnostics logs, just in case?

ok, these were really starting to bother me.

i tried uninstalling drobodashboard, then reinstalled. after that, i saw no further instances of these log lines.

so i’m still not sure of what was wrong or of what event triggered the problem.

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