System extension cannot be used

Today I installed Drobo Dashboard (1.5.1) on a freshly installed Snow Leopard.
While the Dashboard install seems successful, and the Drobo works ok, the Dashboard installer reported an alert:

“System extension cannot be used. The system extension “System/Library/Extensions/TrustedDataSCSIDriver.kext” was installed improperly and cannot be used. Pease try reinstalling it, or contact the product’s vendor for an update”.

Should I be worried? Is it safe to use Drobo Dashboard now, e.g. to upgrade the Drobo to firmware v1.3.5?

Funny that happened to me … It turned out the ownership and permissions of the root filesystem was changed

Open Terminal
ls -ald /

Permissions should reflect drwxr-xr-x and root admin as the owner and group

I have the same issue. I just installed Drobo Dashboard on a brand new iMac running Snow Leopard and got the same message. I did not receive the message when I installed/updated to DD 1.5.1 on my old Mac Mini or my MacBook Pro, both running (just plain) Leopard. I haven’t noticed any problems, but I’m curious what the deal is.

Me too

Can any of you share your successful commands for fixing this? I am familiar but not expert in changing OSX permisisons and messing with the root file system worries me.

Same issue here (24inch iMac, Snow Leopard).

I restarted the imac just in case, and then upgraded the firmware and software and it seems to be working fine, at least when directly connected. With the droboshare I have the same issue as but I’m still investigating before I make a support call.

Please open a support case so we can investigate this error message.

I received the same error message after installing Drobo Dashboard 1.5.1 []. I just submitted a new support request for this…

Jennifer, can you tell us why YOU cannot open a support case? I thought that was the whole point of the new forum?

I’ve corresponded with you, and found you to be very helpful, and I’d like to do whatever it takes to empower you some more – why are the other Tech Support personnel the only ones that that can raise an issue to Product Development?

If someone needs more details, they could certainly PM the individual in question.

I cannot open support cases for other people.

Some users on here are not registered in our support case system.
Some users used different emails here then they did when they registered their product.
(That’s why I sometimes ask users on here for the case number, because I can’t find their cases from their emails.)

I work cases and open cases just like any other Tech support because I am one of the Tech Support Personnel. In fact, we have talked on the phone before.

I just have the added duty of being the moderator of the forums.

And when I open cases or take a case from our queue that is a feature request I forward that to our Product Development as well as any other Tech. Just like Jeff did with your case.

I’m having this problem too after setting up the droboshare today, with drobo dashboard 1.5.1

My root filesystem permissions are:
drwxrwxr-t@ 40 root admin

The extension in question is root wheel

Any ideas how to fix this?

To do a quick test, merely open terminal and run this command, “sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/TrustedDataSCSIDriver.kext”. If it works, then you know that it is a permissions issue. You should not see any errors after running the command with sudo.

However, you should ideally change things so that you don’t have to do this for every reboot.

I was able to get this to work by assigning the user that I log in to my Mac as (the user account that Drobo Dashboard runs under) as a member of the wheel group. The installer, for some strange reason assigns the kext in question to root, and wheel as the user group. To work around this, I went to the file “/etc/groups”. I then edited the file. You can use any text editor you want, but you need to sudo when you open it so that it won’t be read-only.

for instance, “username> sudo vi /etc/groups”. Then enter your username (assuming you are logged in as an admin user. Then use the arrow keys to move down to where the group “wheel” is listed. The line has several things on it, including the username, “root”, which is the only default member of that group. Type the letter “i” to get VI into insert (edit) mode. Then move the cursor using your arrow keys to the end of the line with root in it, and add the following to the end of the line (without the quotes of course): “,USERNAME”

Please NOTE that USERNAME is the name of the user you run DroboDashboard as.

Then type the ESCape key, then type (without the quotes): “:wq”. The escape key gets out of insert / edit mode. The colon tells your editor (vi) that you will be telling it a command to do with the file itself, the “w” tells vi to save (write) the file, and the “q” quits vi.

Then, restart your computer and look for the TrustedDataSCSIDriver and the DRI_iSCSI_Initiator kexts in the System Profiler. If they are listed, and if the Drobo Dashboard works, you are golden.

This message:
“System extension cannot be used. The system extension “System/Library/Extensions/TrustedDataSCSIDriver.kext” was installed improperly and cannot be used. Pease try reinstalling it, or contact the product’s vendor for an update”.

Is not an issue, don’t worry about it. This will not affect the drobo or the dashboard in anyway.


are You really sure, that tis is not an issue?

Im new to MAC at all, but if a System Log pops up, not the one of the Installer, one of the System, where every few Second’s a Problem about the Connection to the Drobo / Drobo Share is popping up, then I’m not very pleased. After a Reboot this was gone.

But, and this is a big one, every Data I moved to the Drobo is gone.

I Could see the files in the open Window, after closing it, making a Reboot and reopening the Mainfolder, nothing, as empty as new formated.

Tryed a Windows XP PC, Dashboard installed, Drobo Formated, Data Copyed, Reboot, every thing ok.

Next my MacBook insted of the Windows PC and my iMac.

Software installed, icluding the error Message, Drobo formated, Data Copyed, Reboot, empty Drobo.

So I can say, if I set it up by a Windows PC, it is working propperly. If I use a Mac it is not.

If it was set up by PC, I can also use it from my Mac’s. But for a ShutDown, I need the Dashboard…

So for my 2 Cent’s, there is someting wrong…


That error message is not causing your issues. There is something else that is going on. Please open a support case.