Sync Drobo NAS files to Amazon Cloud? Choosing Drobo vs Synology.

Hi, I am looking at buying a Drobo NAS for our video team.

We already use Synology for our company file server, which synchronises onto Amazon Drive for unlimited storage. This is a great solution.

Question is, if I buy a Drobo NAS is there an app like Synology’s Cloud Sync app that will synchronise my NAS files with the Amazon Drive back up storage?

Thanks for any advice.

hi hollandrisley,
im not sure if there is a specific amazon app to run on the actual drobo, (and if you can hang in there a bit hopefully some one can post back in case there is), though if Amazon Drive comes as a normal program that can be installed onto a computer, then am pretty sure that there should be a way for it to back up files that are on your drobo, (especially if they already support some network devices)

one thing that worked great on my das drobos (directly attached usb drobo in my case) was using a Mozy cloud backup to backup selected data files or folders from my drobo onto the Cloud. a similar principal should be able to work for network drives.

I’ve been looking for a similar solution. Currently I have the amazon cloud sync software installed on my Mac, and I am auto-mounting the folder and running the sync every day. However, I would love to have a Drobo app that would do this natively.

rclone is far and away the best solution I’ve found for backing up to Amazon Cloud Drive (and others), but someone (ricardo, you still there?) would have to build it as a DroboApp. Only tricky dependency I’m aware of is it’s written in Go.

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