Symbolic links?

Can someone tell me how to create symbolic links within a share on the drobo?

ln -s originalfile symboliclinkname

Thanks. I do not know where to put that line. Do I need to install ssh or another droboapp to do that, or is there a way to do it through the drobo dashboard?

I think there are two ways of doing this. One way is by installing droboapps and SSHing into the drobo and using the link above. I would only recommend that if you have good UNIX or Linux knowledge. The layout of the DroboFS is not a standard layout and there are still some security issues that DRI needs to iron out with the password files or you’ll be leaving your DroboFS exposed if you have droboapps installed.

A second way would be by using the OS of the system you are connecting to the DroboFS. In windows you can create shortcuts and in Mac you can create Aliases.

Sure, but shortcuts are not symbolic links.

What OS does your host computer run thegizzard?

I use Windows 7. Here is an illustration.

I have the following shares:

I would like to put links for the movies and tvshows inside of the video share. I use video-work to edit and prepare video files for viewing, and then move them into the appropriate tvshows or movies folder.

I need to accomplish two things:

1- Movement between video-work and movies or tvshows should be near immediate, versus the time it takes to “copy” files vs. moving them on the same drive.

2- I want to point my media player at a single folder, in this case video, which will have all movies and tvshows within it, even though movies and tvshows are also separate shares of their own.

Do Windows 7 shortcuts allow me to accomplish both 1 and 2 above? I know I can do this with symbolic links because thats what I used with my old Ubuntu based NAS.

Thanks in advance.

I’d be interested to know if this works.

Honestly, I’d steer clear of something like that if I were you. It appears to be implemented by hooking the File API. Unless you have a compelling reason to do so I would avoid something that gets between you and your data at that level.

Symbolic links are just a convenience. As far as I know if you move a file to a directory on a different share through a symbolic link it will still do a copy of the data, it has to as the file now needs to exist physically inside the directory that the link points to.

If you want instant moves then your “volumes” need to be just subdirectories inside the same share.[hr]
@skywalka, I looked at the hardlinkshell link, and I don’t think it would work. From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_link):

"Most modern operating systems don’t allow hard links on directories to prevent endless recursion. […] Symbolic links and NTFS junction points are generally used instead for this purpose.

Hard links can only be created to files on the same file system. If a link to a file on a different file system is needed, it may be created with a symbolic link."

What @thegizzard is trying to do crosses file systems so hard links won’t work. Also, On Windows I don’t think you can’t make hard links to directories, only to files.

[quote=“Spiney, post:9, topic:1412”]
If you want instant moves then your “volumes” need to be just subdirectories inside the same share.[/quote]

You can actually achive instant file moves if you ssh into the Drobo and use the mv command.

I made 2 shares with the Drobo Dashboard, test1 and test2, then SSHed into Drobo:

# cd Shares/
# ls
DroboApps  test1      test2
# cd test1/
# ls -la
-rwxrwxrwx    1 root     root    1173802479 May 31 04:39 bigFile.test
# mv bigFile.test ../test2/

The move happens instantly. :slight_smile:

If you need to move TBs of data around, this would be the way to go.

Makes sense. At that level the different shares ARE just subdirectories…

This is what I am used to. On my old Ubuntu server the shares were just subdirectories… which is what they are on the drobo also, but with the drobo I have to use SSH to do this.

In ubuntu I basically had a sharedfolder (container) and then other sharedfolder within the first shared folders within the first shared folder. When I needed to move files between the shares, I used the container folder, and when I needed to limit an operations’ view to a specific folder, I used the shares within the container folder.

So basically for Drobo I did what someone recommended above, create just the container as a share and the individual folders inside the share. The only difference is I cannot share the individual folders… just the container… limiting, but not fatal.

Thanks all!

If you are on Windows you can share the folders as network drives if you want.

For example, on a Drobo called Drobo-FS, that has a folder called Movies in the Public share…

Go to windows explorer, choose ‘Map network drive…’ from the tools menu.
For the path, just enter [font=Courier]\Drobo-FS\Public\Movies[/font] and pick a drive letter.

I think this is what you are talking about?

You are correct, that is exactly what I have done. Sorry my previous email was not that clear.

By mapping the Movies folder to the M: drive for example I am able to operate on only what is included within M.

By mapping the Public folder to the P: drive I am able to “instantly” move files between the Movies folder and lets say a Work folder.

Perfect. Thanks!