symantec ent vault and acronis

we are now into our 3rd elite, our latest project is 2tb drives mapped via iscsi to be used with acronis b/u and symantec ent vault. We have having great success with these elites, we have a dell PE 2716 gig switch running everything for this. the vault software and acronis are on the same server. Dell PE r200 with 8 gigs memory, pair 2tb drives mirrored and the elite packed with 8 2tb wd 64mb cache green drives server 08 r2.
what we have liked for the elite was using any drives we had laying around to start and keep building out storage as needed. As we know the 3tb will be avail by xmas for $249 we should be good for 4 to 5 yrs as long as they become certified and the firmware isnt to far behind.

keep up the good work

We are using a pair of DroboPro units to achieve similar function. Instead of using Symantec EV, we have Metalogix PAM for Exchange, Files & SharePoint & AppAssure Replay4 to CDP on one of the DroboPro via x-over cable while the other one has HSM running. We also use Replay4 to snapshot the de-duped & compressed images to the HSM DroboPro - sort of pseudo-mirroring. Too bad they, namely DroboPro & DroboElite, are not up/down-ward compatible. We do have an Elite but we have our DR vSphere & guest OS sitting on it. Wonder when the newer model(s) w/ more drive bays & RPS will be out!
Tks for sharing ur cconfig!