Switching to Dual Redundancy on the fly

Hi All,

Got a question. If I set up my drobo 5n of b800fs in single disk redundancy but later want to change to dual can I doo that with out loosing the data already on the system ? Or would I have to back it all up delete/re format the drives etc…?

I am assuming I have enough free space on the drives.

Yes, if you check dual disk redundancy the unit will go into data protection mode and will begin adjusting the disk pack to protect against a dual disk failure. I would advise reviewing the capacity calculator, so that you can see what the capacity will change to when moving to dual disk redundancy. If you have been using single disk redundancy for some time, it is important to ensure you have enough free space so that the disk pack can be swapped to dual disk redundancy.

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Although I think you could just make the change “live,” it sure would be smart to have a backup first!

How about going from Dual Disk back to single disk?

Can you do this ‘live’ without a reformat?

You can switch back and forth without a reformat.

Just to confirm. I did switch to single disk mode and it instantly worked.

I only have one volume on my 5D.

I pushed off disaster (16TB BeyondRAID limit) for a little longer!