Switching DroboPros

I have a DroboPro with a lot of data on it, and it is super slow to boot up. Once it does, it is super slow to look at anything on it, and copying anything on or off it takes forever. It also will suddenly disconnect and reboot after about a half hour. Is there a fix for this? If not, if I buy a used DroboPro that works, and put my drives in it, will it be OK? I am running OSX El Capitan.
Thanks in advance for any insight.

hi jon,
generally speaking, if a drobo is in a stable state, a disk migration process should be possible to another compatible model, for example as mentioned here:

(i did this successfully from my drobo-s-gen2 into another replacement model when the old one had a power toggle switch problem and was ok)

for you, can i check how much used space, and how much free space you have currently (such as in amount and % values) from dashboard, as it might be a low space issue that is causing the slowness.

and also what the lights are showing you for the drives? (for example if all drive lights are a solid green, or are they showing any other solid colours, or flashing ones?), as it could be something else such as a failed drive or a rebuild in progress.

it might also be worth having a look in dashboard, and to click on each drive in turn, to see if there are any dropdowns or other details there, such as a Warning, or Healed lable for the drive?

(btw are you in single SDR or double DDR redundancy mode currently?)

Hi Paul,

Thanks very much for the reply.
All seems to be fine as far as the dashboard is concerned… all lights are solid green and healthy, 2TB (28%) capacity remaining.
It takes 10 minutes for the Drobo to mount, and a long time to retrieve/copy any files.

I am not super tech savvy, I don’t even know what Single SDR/double DDR redundancy means.

I am hoping to purchase a used DroboPro off of ebay and just put my current drives in it.
Of course, I don’t want to do that if it won’t work. If you have any other insight/advice, it would be appreciated!

thanks for the info jon,
sdr is just meaning Single Drive Redundancy, which is always a feature in drobos by default, and is there to help protect against any 1 single drive failure.

(usually in a basic raid, if a 1 drive goes down it can potentially bring all down in a worst case setup, so SDR is used at least) and DDR just means a mode of drobos that can help protect against any 2 drives failing.

do you have any other programs running in the background heavily using the drobo, such as spotify or spotlight search indexing? (those could be slowing down your drobo)

the migration process should allow for a diskpack migration into another drobo pro (via the link above)
a key thing to remember would be to only remove diskpack drives (or insert them) in their entirety and only when power is all OFF and unplugged.

if there is anything critical on the drobo currently though, it would probably be best to try backing that up (even if that particular piece of data is a bit slow to copy), just to play safe before starting the migration process if you can.

This isn’t necessarily a fault in the Drobo. I had similar behavior (terribly slow boot times, dismal transfer speeds, occasional reboots). Support looked in my diags and found that one drive was spewing crap on the SATA bus, which hosed up the whole system. I replaced the drive and the problem vanished.
I know, Drobo Inc won’t help us with the DroboPro. It’s just something to consider before you buy another unit. You might be able to non-destructively check each drive in a PC. (I would shut down and unplug Drobo, connect one drive at a time directly to a SATA controller and not a USB dock, ABSOLUTELY NOT INITIALISE IT, then look at SMART data and also…just observe whether the PC gets wonky on one of the drives.)

Out of curiosity, where is a good place to buy/sell used Drobos? Craig’s Place? World’s Biggest Auction Bay?

thats a good point about a drive maybe playing up a bit rdo. (if there were not any warning, or healed messages when a drive bay was clicked on in dashboard, and via the dropdown menu to see more info about the drives there in newer versions of dashboard, then it might be something else too)

for example, if you did not feel too comfortable to remove drives and to check them in a standalone way at the moment, then you might be able to try putting your drobo into a read-only mode, for example as mentioned near bottom of the 3rd post here:

(if you try putting it into read only mode, does that make any difference for you, at least in terms of it not rebooting every half an hour, to be a bit more stable to allow you to copy the data somewhere?)

(btw rdo probably any auction site that you feel you can trust it, or which has good established policies and procedures to help buyers and sellers alike in case of any funny business, but also good established feedback ratings are useful - though i guess there could always be a 1 time seller who never sold before.
it might be worth trying the relatively new 1-time paid ticket because as far as i understood it, a new service offering came to light whereby even out of warranty drobos could be looked at via that new pay per incident, even of out of warranty etc?)