Switching back to PC...now what?

I am a Mac user (iMac 2007) and I want to return to Windows and I have a HFS+ formated drobo. What do I do now. Do I have to reformat everything to make it work?

I’m stuck! Please help.

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essentially, yes

the best way is to backup your data to a different storage location, reformat drobo, and copy your data back

this is not a Drobo problem, just a general compatability problem

There’s 3rd party software for HFS on Windows, but if you see yourself sticking with Windows and not bouncing between the two, I highly recommend doing the move-off and reformat.

Not only will it make for less potential headache, but your Drobo performance might increase.

there was a mac trans program around in the past
i think it was just to view mac floppies back then but as bhiga says if youre planning to stick with windows, might as well use a proper windows fileformat. (just make sure your data is backed up beforehand - and test a small sample of files too if you can to make sure its still ok first)