Switch to smaller drives?


I need to do some data migration, so I’d like to do something particularly “artful” with the Drobo.

I’d like to mount a 1.5 TB drive into the device, put some data on it, then put in two 750 GB drives.

Once they are redundant, I’d like to remove the 1.5 TB drive, and later on fill the remaining drive slots with 750 GB drives.

Is this possible?


I don’t see any problem here, so I think it is possible.

It should be. I did something similar when I first got mine. Starting with 2x 1.5TB Seagate drives then switching to 2x 1TB Western Digital’s.

Great! Thanks.

I looked at a few expandable RAID solutions, and a lot of them could expand the array - but moving from 4 drives to 3 drives, or from larger to smaller drives was a big no-no (which makes a lot of sense - with drives getting cheaper every day, it’s rare that someone would actually want to do something like this).

The documentation was pretty unclear on this point as well; glad to know it works.