Switch to FireWire 800

Currently I have my Drobo hooked up to my Windows 7 64bit laptop through USB. I’m thinking of getting a FireWire 800 ExpressCard to improve my copy speeds. Can anyone recommend a good card? Is it even worth it?



I don’t think it will make a big difference, drobo itself is relatively slow

Plus fw800 seems to have all kinds of problems on windows

Dunno, but I have a LaCie FW 800, and it works fine on Windows… This is from experience.

what driver did you use?

was it working at FW800 speeds?

i think DRi recommend the unibrain ones, but my belkin fw800 always bluescreened when i plugged drobo into it

Win 7 Firewire is a bit strange.
DV camcorders and such definitely have problems in Win 7. A lot of folks have had to change drivers to the 1394 “Legacy” driver for them to work.

Native windows drivers connect at either FW100 or 400 Speeds so we recommend the Unibrain Driver which connects at 800 speeds.

Thanks, but these are desktop cards (PCI). I’m looking for a laptop one. But from all the posts I’m getting the sense that I shouldn’t bother especially because I’m on Win7. Is that true?

If you have a standard Drobo (not Drobo S, Pro or Elite), I wouldn’t waste the CardBus or ExpressCard slot with a FW800 card just for Drobo.

Depends on your transfer speed needs.

Got it. Thanks everyone for the help.