Switch to DDR -> Cannot protect data

Hi all,

This morning I turned on dual disk redundancy with plenty of free space available (over 60%), and the Drobo then sent 2 messages:

Notification: Drobo is converting to dual disk redundancy.

and then…

Critical Drobo Alert: Drobo cannot currently protect your data against hard drive failures.

The dashboard status indicates I need to provide “2 hard drives for single disk redundancy or 3 hard drives for dual disk redundancy.”

I have 1 3TB drive and 5 2TB’s - I replaced a 2TB with the 3TB on Friday and it finished rebuilding yesterday. I decided to turn on DDR before replacing more 2TB’s with 3TB’s in case of a drive failure as I did those.

Should I wait it out and hope its still converting to DDR?



you havent mentioned what the lights are currently doing?

are they solid green with a solid or flashing red?

or are they all flashing green/yellow?

if they are all green/yellow then wait a few days since it would seem to be doing SOMETHING

Thanks for the reply.

1-6 are solid green, and #7 is solid red (7 total drives).

I opened a ticket with DR this morning, and they’ve come back to say it appears to be doing some sort of internal maintenance, and that I should reboot it tomorrow and then generate 2 back-to-back diagnostic files for them to review.

Interesting note in your sig about WD 3TB red drives - that’s what using to replace the existing 2TB greens in my Pro.

hmm, thats unusual definitely, as long as its running & accessible … i would give it up to 48 hours before a reboot

the greens are all a steady 37-40C, the reds are a steady 30-31C

i realise my sig is out of date - i have more disks than that now, lol!

Thanks for the info. This kind of stuff gives me ulcers.