Swapping disks (recently unplugged disk with bigger disk)


I currently have 2x1TB, 2x500GB. I bought 2x1.5TB to ‘upgrade’ my drobo. But … when I attempted to unplug the first 500GB disk it wouldn’t really work. The disk wouldn’t slide out but it just got disconnected.

I looked at my screen to see what was going on on the dashboard, looked back at my drobo and the thing was off all of a sudden … oh goody! Then I inserted the drive again (with a gently 1mm push) and the reboot animation started. Stupidly the drobo failed to realize that this was in fact my old disk so now it’s creating the backups for the disk.

Now, the question is … can I just unplug that first disk again and stick in the bigger one? Or do I have to wait for this to complete?

On a sidenote … my filesystem got messed up again. And now I can’t even mount in OS X anymore. That should be fun … . Repairing my filesystem while this thing is massaging the backups.

If that drive is blinking green/amber, then NO you cannot remove it.

You will have to wait for that relayout process to complete. If you remove the drive during relayout process you will more than likely lose data.

damnid … it’s just so stupid that it didn’t recognize the drive to begin with.
But ok I will endure. Luckily I don’t need the new space just yet.

I will however shut down the drobo next time I attempt to add a bigger disk since that’s why it went so wrong in the first place. The disk just wouldn’t come out. Next time I’ll have to shake my drobo in order to get some movement :x

1200 blocks left, aka 20 hours … oh joy :slight_smile: Guess I’ll give my drobo some more space on Christmas then. Thx for the clarification though. I was hoping it was possible since I was planning on removing the disk that initially caused the relay to start.

if you do shake it - be careful to make sure that theother drives are well seated before you re-apply power!

“blocks left” ? what blocks? where does it tell you that?

Oh, no shaking please!

Remove the drives that don’t stick, wiggle the stuck drive, possibly even tilting the drobo forward while wiggling that drive.

will do thx for the tip! and it tells me in the droboview utility for linux. I timed one block and it was about a minute, so I end up with 20 hours to go :frowning: 1110 left now. 18.5 hours. Seems about right since my last post was 1h30m ago.

edit: Right … k. I’ll just remove as much drives as possible (while it’s off) so I can easily grab the disk that is stuck more easily. Will try it. Thx for that tip as well.

All done by the way :slight_smile: It took about 1300 blocks per disk. Took about 20hours per disk.

I think that the more small files you have the longer it takes. I deleted my Time Machine backups before I started doing this. So what I think would be a good solution is to just move that backup to another disk, delete it from your drobo, do the disk expansion and put it back. I think you’ll end up with far less potential catastrophic failure time. + you have a backup of your most important data on another disk that will probably not fail since it won’t be in use as much as the drobo.

good advice

and glad it all worked out for you in the end