Swapping Disk Sets Between Two 5Cs

Question: Does anyone have any experience with repeatedly swapping a single disk set between two different 5Cs in two different locations?

Background Info: I’m a photographer who frequently edits photos both at my office and at home. Originally I was lugging the entire 5C unit including drives from work to home whenever I wanted to edit at a new location, but it’s not the most compact thing in the world. So my thinking was that I would buy a second 5C unit, and rather than move the 5C between locations, I would only be moving the hard drives. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about a one-time migration. I’m talking about removing a hard drive set from unit 1, transferring to a new location, and inserting into unit 2 and vice versa on a (potentially) daily basis. I would greatly appreciate any input you might have. Thank you!

Totally do-able. Best to make sure the firmware is the same on both units and MAKE SURE the units are OFF before removing or inserting any drives! It should not matter the drive order when inserted.

The real danger comes from mishandling of the drives themselves. Any sharp movement (drop, bump, etc) can damage the internals and there’s the possibility of damaging the connectors too as they weren’t designed for repeated insertion/removal.

Good luck!

Thank you, Tom! I appreciate your input. I figured I would ultimately be the biggest weak point, especially my handling of the drives.