Swaping HDs from 5N2 to 5N

I have an a 5N2 & a 5N. My HD array on my 5N2 are WD Pro Red but with 128 cache & 7200 rpm. My current 5N HD array consists of WD Red (5400 rpm). I just bought 4 WD Red pro (256 cache) and want to put those new drives in my 5N2. Can I remove my current 5N2 drives (Red Pro 128 Cache 7200 rpm) one by one, and put in my 5N, allowing time for rebuilds.

Of course as I remove 1 drive from 5N2, I’ll replace it with one of the new drives, one by one and allowing for rebuilds.

It’s my belief that by removing drives from 5N2 and putting it in 5N, the 5N will reformat that drive and rebuild that array. I would continue doing that until all Drobos have been rebuilt.

Make any sense? :slight_smile: