swap file size

i inserted a spare 4 GB usb memory card into the droboshare, and installed the ‘add swap’ application. i can see the ‘usb’ file in the application’s directory, indicating it is using the usb memory card. however, ‘free’ indicates that the swap file size is only 204792 (KiB i assume).

is this normal?

if so, it seems the usb memory card is being wasted, since a 512 MB swap file would have been created without the usb memory card.

in hindsight, a 4 GB swap is probably overkill anyway.

so, shall i just remove the ‘add swap’ application, remove the usb drive, and re-install the application?

or, is there a way to increase the swap file size so it is using more of the memory card?

i noticed in /sys/block i have sda and sdb directories. sda seems to be the drobo, while sdb seems to be the usb memory card i inserted. under the sdb directory, there is an sdb1 and sdb2 directories. does this indicate the usb memory card has 2 partitions for some reason? i notice that the sdb1/size file says 409600. is that 512 byte sectors? if so, it comes out to 204800 KiB which is very close to the reported swap file size.

maybe i need to remove the ‘add swap’ application, remove the usb drive, wipe out the partitions on the usb drive, then re-insert and re-install add swap?