SVN server or tomcat server droboapp for FS??

Anybody ever try building any SVN server implementation or tomcat for the drobo or droboFS? I would like to use my droboFS as my web server but I need java capabilities, thus requiring tomcat or any other j2ee container. Plus, having a reliable SVN server for checking in my own personal source code would be nice.

SVN is one of the first drobo apps I’m planning on releasing (assuming it isn’t there already) over the next few days (My DroboFS arrived yesterday).

I’d be nervous trying to run tomcat on a drobo given the CPU demands of a WAS.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to build though.

I’d love to see an SVN server drobo app… friend of mine and I were recently discussing that very topic.

noidd, did you ever manage to get it working happily?

Do you want svnserve or mod_dav_svn? I have the new svnserve 1.6.12 built for my Drobo FS and can post it as a beta if anyone is interested in just svnserve?

Just svnserve is fine with me. I would be happy to test it.

I had a really hard time getting svn to compile.

j_hah, I’d love to see your recipe… I’d like to see where I went horribly wrong.



@scastria and @noidd - I have one final item in my subversion package to figure out, what path should I assume as the root path for your repositories for svnserve? The other option is to not configure one and let the end user add it later. If you could both give me your opinion on this, then I’ll post my package.

@noidd - I downloaded the latest svn and dependencies and compiled it with dynamic libraries. I haven’t been able to get it a static compile to work, but I have some ideas for that as well. I did play with the configure options to get subversion to build and I’ll post the full details on my personal site with all my other drobo stuff.

I am fine with anything really. Perhaps just a top level folder called Subversion? I already have top level folders for Movies, Pictures, Music, etc.

I thought about doing it that way. Here was my initial thought…if the folder didn’t exist just create “/mnt/DroboFS/Shares/svnrepos” which would not be a shared folder by default unless you went into the drobo dashboard and shared it. The only thing I don’t like about this is that if you then unshare it in the dashboard it will get deleted. I don’t want to use a repos folder under the droboapp install directory because I don’t want to risk losing data during an install or upgrade.

I have a new plan and i’m throwing together a install.sh script now. I’ll let the user set a variable for the svn repo folder and if this is not set, I’ll just create a default repos folder under the install path and the user can change it. I’ll have the install script check for some obvious paths and create the user setting if it finds it. As soon as I finish this and test it, i’ll post the app and put the URL here.

For anyone who reads this post…I had originally posted this question about data folders for applications to the developers folder but haven’t gotten any replies. If you have an opinion on this drobo app design, please reply to it: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1407

I posted my Subversion App for the FS today, visit this thread for the details: Subversion for Drobo FS is Ready

Please use the new thread for any questions or comments related to my app.