First time here, I am just checking with others regarding support from Drobo.
I have completed 2 requests for assistance with my Drobo FS and have not received any contact at all. I have a Drobo FS that is only a few months old but has stopped working and am desperate for help.
I find it very disappointing when we have paid a premium price for a top quality product but receive no support when we really need it.
Is this the norm for others?

I’ve usually had responses in under 24 hours

you should almost instantly get an automated acknowledgement of your support request, if you dont get that, then maybe its something to do with your spam settings?

if you are desperate for help, either try posting your problem here, or simply give them a call, thats definitely the fastest and most successful way to get support!

I second what Chris said. How are you contacting them that you are not hearing back. When I had an issue with my Drobo S (power supply was noisy) I called their 800 number, and the next day I got an email with a tracking number for the new power supply being sent to me.

I was very happy with their support.

I’ve just had my drobopro replaced by support, they shipped me one the next day after i contacted them, i moved (and recovered) my disk pack to my replacement drobopro and now they are coming to collect the old one tomorrow.

Also as a reminder, we do not work on weekends and this past Monday was a holiday and were not in. Usually we get a little backed up after a holiday. Please be patient as we work our email cases as fast as possible.

If you cannot wait, you can always call. The NA Helpdesk number is 866-426-4280 and we are available 6am to 6pm Pacific time.