The whole support system seems difficult. You set up an account. It then will not work the day after. You get a mail message to reply between lines but replies in e-mail typically quote things which make it difficult to put things between replies.

Worse, the questions seem to be answered by a machine. I love the Drobo products but at this point I feel like packing it in. Sorry, but this just doesn’t cut it.

I have 2 Drobos. The 2nd generation has started being noisy. I had to get a DroboShare to get it out of the room. I just want easy support for what is a great product but whatever you did to the support system makes it very difficult to recommend.


The system will automatically reply with some suggestions but as soon as the case is created, a technician does get the case. If you are having that many difficulties you can call.

I haven’t had a customer not able to type between the lines in order to reply. What kind of email client are you using?

Ok, I just created a case via the support portal. Immediately received an email in my outlook.
It is 2 different networks.

When I hit reply, I was able to put text between the lines indicated by the email.
The reply email immediately showed up on my case.

I am using Outlook 2007.

Are you unable to read the emails we send to you?

We have tried contacting you and were unavailable.

Can you please call 866-426-4280 at your earliest convenience?

I use Mail and gmail. When you reply to a message it outs the quoted text between two vertical lines. So for me to write between the two lines I would have to actually reply within the quote. This seems really weird.

I can read the messages that were sent. I just got one and it answered the Drobocare and cable issue. The fan issue is still open. It should not be coming on every 10 minutes. It never did that before. Basically it was always quiet and occasionally would be heard as it cooled things down, but not on a regular basis. It is not appropriate for a home theatre setting now (it used to be).

I assume you don’t have academic pricing for Drobocare and the price increased from $49 to $69.

I do appreciate the replies and as I said I really like my Drobos. I just really, really don’t like that mail system.

I’ve never used Exchange, sorry.

I will call the number tomorrow…

Thank you,


I used my gmail too and I was able to reply between the two lines. I’m not sure what the problem is you are experiencing. Are you not able to reply between the two lines?

Yes Drobocare went from $49 to $69 on the Drobo. Not sure what you mean by academic pricing. You mean like student pricing?

The fan will come on when the Drobo reaches a certain internal temperature. That was not changed in the latest firmware or dashboard updates. If the fan is coming on, then it is coming to cool off your drives. It is doing it for a very important reason.

When I used gmail I left the vertical line which indicates a quote and inserted text between the two “lines” . Seemed odd and something didn’t quite work out. This time I got rid of the vertical quote line and was able to reply between the “lines” (I don’t see and lines :slight_smile: ). Seems to have worked so I know how to work it now… Just a tiny bit annoying. My password also works on the support page which it wasn’t yesterday.

Ok, so now I can reset things and calm down …Just pretend you didn’t read my previous rant.

I understand that the fan is important. Perhaps I am only noticing it now but I have had the 2nd G Drobo since last summer and the fan came on, but not on a regular basis, especially since it is doing so when I am not even accessing it. It is still quieter than my 1st G Drobo, but not by much now.

Maybe when the summer comes and the a/c comes on …

Is there no diagnostic test that can be done?

By academic I meant student/faculty pricing (similar to Applecare).


No, DroboCare is the same price whoever you are.