Support site broken?

Is anyone else having issues with ?

The layout is wrong in both Safari and Firefox. I can’t get any forms (registering, login, reset password) to accept any input.

As of yesterday, my 1 month old Drobo has started rattling. I checked this out:

Pushing on the drives doesn’t help. It feels and sounds like a fan blade hitting the fan casing. It will be silent, rattle for 3-5 seconds, then silent for 20-60 seconds. The cycle continues forever.

I can’t open a support ticket yet, since I can’t get the support site to load.[hr]
And it’s back. Must have been a temporary bug.[hr]

And it’s back. Must have been a temporary bug.

Every now and then stuff like CSS gets cached incorrectly. Once it expires (or your clear your browser cache) it usually comes back to normality.

btw i put metal and cork drink mats underneath all my rubber feet - helpd a lot with vibration and stabalisation

Turns out mine wasn’t caused by vibration of hard drives or the fan, but instead the fan failed, and is rattling.

Started an RMA swap.