Support for Hitachi 4TB drives?

Is there any news on supporting the new Hitachi 4TB drives on the Drobos? Or if anyone tried it in their Drobos? Thanks.

Check this thread, if you haven’t already seen it.

I haven’t yet. The drives I’ve seen are quite expensive.
The DRI report is that if your firmware in your DROBO is updated and supports 3TB, then it will also support 4TB.

yes - ther eis no specific reason it shouldnt work

the firmware update is from drives greater than 2TB

however each individual drive can sometime have compatabiity problems and some peopel prefer to wait to hear that drobo have tested a disk

there is a slim chance there may be a problem - but it would be a probelm with that specific drive, not because its a 4tb one

Thank you both for the helpful information. Yes, I have no plans to purchase any 4TB drives yet, as prices as still very high due to the flood in Thailand (Is it still flooded?). Well, but it’s good to know that the 4TB option is there in the future.

It’s not still flooded to my knowledge, but there’s going to be a massive amount of rebuilding necessary. Production isn’t expected to be “normal” again for at least a year; perhaps longer.

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