Support for Hitachi 2Tb Drive

I’ve just tried to install the new Hitachi 2Tb SATA drive in my Drobo (2TB Hitachi 0F10311 Deskstar 7K2000 ) - disk spins up but comes up as a failed drive.

Is this drive supported? Will it be ? Do I need new firmware ?

I have latest Drobo firmware installed


Hitachi isn’t mentioned at all in the knowledge article about what drives should work and I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the “Death Stars” but that was a long time ago…

Does the drive have specs out of the ordinary compared to the DRI-tested drives? Like higher amperage requirements or anything?


I purchased th 2TB Hitachi 0F10311 Deskstar 7K2000 and put it in my Drobo v2, today. It recognized right away and increased my capacity. The Drobo is still rebuilding,(I have a 2x1.5TB + 2x1TB setup that is getting upgraded). The Hitachi replaced a 1TB drive as part of upgrade. I will be putting another 2 TB Hitachi into my Drobo unit tomorrow or so.
I will update if any problems.


I have no problem with Drobo seeing the Hitachi 2TB so far (fingers crossed).
No modifications needed to the drives.
I unpacked and plugged in.
I have 4 drives in Drobo to start with. 2 are 1TB and 2 are 1.5TB.
So far, 3TB of data stored.
I pulled the 1st 1TB out and placed the Hitachi 2TB in. It starts rebuilding, which over a day. Once that completed, I let the Drobo cool down for a few hours.
Then I pulled out the 2nd 1 TB and placed my 2nd Hitachia 2TB into the unit. It takes over a day for that to complete.

Anyone else trying these drives?

I’m curious about the Hitachi HD32000IDK7 2TB drive. Frys.com has them for $160 right now and it’s tempting…

I bought two HITACHI Deskstar HD32000 IDK/7K 2TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drives for my new Drobo. One was DOA. Powers up, loudly click and Drobo reports that I need to replace the drive. RMA’ed it back to Newegg. Using the Drobo with a single 2TB drive and an old pair of WD 320GB for the time being.

So I guess they just need to not be DOA :wink:

Thanks for posting mdk!

My understanding from Drobo support is that the Hitachi drives run hot and aren’t very Drobo friendly. I had no problem returning the drives to Scan UK and replaced them with Seagate Barracuda 2TB which have been excellent. BTW, because a Drobo with lots of storage is v. slow, there’s no real need for the fastest drives.

[quote=“aldiscon, post:8, topic:536”]BTW, because a Drobo with lots of storage is v. slow, there’s no real need for the fastest drives.
Actually, you may be more interested in a quiet Drobo (low disk noise and slow fan spinning) which you can get only with “green” disks, like WD Caviar ones.

i just got a 2TB hitachi, as as usual i tried it on my pc to check it before shoving it in drobo… and what do you know… its DoA (not even actually dead… it spins up but makes some very very very nasty squealing/scratching sounds… and my machine wont get past bios with it connected! so thats going back…)

True. They tend to run hotter than other drives I’ve had but they were cheap.

$113 for a 2TB drive (after Bing cashback and $30 rebate) is pretty much the lowest price you can get a 2TB drive today.